Lovely Las Vegas: Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Race

The little get-a-way at Loews Las Vegas Resort in Lake Las Vegas (which, technically and ironically, is in Henderson, Nevada), was a spur of the moment decision last weekend. Worried that, left to chaotic predicaments that parenthood can bring (e.g., I can never got out of the house when I need to), I wouldn't be able to attend the Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Races at Lake Las Vegas if I was coming from miles and miles away. There is a little history of craziness on Dragon Boat mornings for me. The first year of St. Rose Dominican Hospital's organization of this event, I was heading into the garage to jump into the car and realized the water heater at burst a leak! And this was years before the bebe arrived! Hence, knowing the past attendance record and aware of how slow I am to do anything now that the little behr is here, I decided the best way to make sure we all attended was to actually stay at the lake over night.

The event occurs annually, and if you want photos to get an idea of the vibe, check out the Rose Regatta link above. There is live music, there are activities (e.g., yoga), and there are teams competing in the ancient Chinese sport of dragon boat racing to race money for breast cancer patients. Plus, you can have a great view of everything for the adorable bistros on the lakefront!

Anyway, long winded explanation to say that the Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Races are a must-attend event: great atmosphere, great cause, and great fun! So if you can, definitely make it next year (apparently it is on Saturday, 13 October 2012).


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