Lovely Las Vegas: 1900 Asian Cuisine

The last time we visited 1900 Asian Cuisine, it was probably a bit too late because the little ones were fussy, cranky, and just not havin' it. There was even a broken rice bowl out there somewhere (accidental, but embarrassing nonetheless). 

Last night was a more calm experience. The older little guy asked for chopsticks in Mandarin (so sweet) and the little, little  guy enjoyed him self for the most part (there were about a 3 minute episode of I'll cry until you take me out of this high chair, which was stressful, but we got the zen back with a few tricks from the diaper bag). 

Here are some pics from the meal (all really blurry, so sorry about that!):

Fried rice - always a kid fav in our fam. 

I thing the pinyin spelling if these starts with an X, but I first correlated theses as "Shalom" balls originally and ironically (as some may have pork... Others shrimp, or a combo). But it sounded like that to me and peace and greetings are great things and these are pretty yummy soup filled sacks so it seemed to correlate well at the time. Anyway, can you see the steam from the tray! Hot, hot, hot! But equally as delicious.

Shrimp. The little little guy gave me back the pieces I gave to him of this and said "all done" really clearly. It was a hit with the adults, though.

Peanuts/legume veggie dish given to us while we awaited the real veggie plate. We have a peanut (etc.) allergy among us so we had to keep that away from little hands.

Green leafy veggy dish with lots of garlicky goodness sauce!

Lovely little weeknight dinner in Chinatown. 

Photos by Jules at Lovely Las Vegas


Sonya Ann said…
It is wonderful that your son asked for chopsticks in Mandarin! You must be so proud of such a smart little guy!!!!

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