Lovely Las Vegas: Echo & Rig

Happy Friday to all!

Just back from a lovely dinner at Echo & Rig at Tivoli in Summerlin. It was my first dining experience there and what a pleasure.

From the tarragon hard lemonade (gin based) to the calamari/olive/bean appetizer, portabello fries, and my over the rainbow salad, my belly was very content. I even sampled a little of my husband's medium steak and approved. Dipped in the red wine sauce it was a nice little carne treat.

Dessert was simple: We shared a nutella cappuccino and a green tea latte over at Leon Cafe.

If anyone has recommendations regarding great restaurants (including must have dishes and drinks) please do share. And if there are any store haute spots that one must see.

Window shopping was fun, the limited amount we did. I really wanted to spend time in d'annata's sweet & dreamy store but it was closed when we got there. I look forward to returning soon for some inspiration and gift selections (so many cute things for home, gifts, and trinkets to adorn oneself and the lovely little ones in our lives).

Wishing everyone sweet dreams.


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