Lovely Las Vegas: Desert Roses

Today is a rainy day in Las Vegas. Last night was crazy rainy too. And I love it! That is my most favorite weather. When you live in a desert those overcast humid days are rarities and thus so special, so needed. Anyway, I'm at my desk right now looking out on the wet ground from the heavy downpour from last night. Gotta take care of some paperwork before I head out on the road and it is a cozy moment to enjoy such a scene.

While doing a little work I thought it would be nice to share some photos from the other day from my front yard's desert roses. These lovelies must be so happy with all the desert rain of late.

Most of these beautiful blooms were already in place when we purchased our home. A couple didn't do so well our first winter in the house so we had to replace two from Star Nursery.  Always such a treat to go into Star Nursery... and make my way to the back where all the plants and herbs/veggies are. Daydreaming of a massive backyard garden and always coming away with a few new *little* things to plant. Usually just little pots of herbs or vegetable plants. Exciting and fun nonetheless! 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


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