Lovely Las Vegas: Scandinavian Invasion of Las Vegas Valley

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 

I'm excited by the "sudden" influx of Scandinavianess in Las Vegas! Marimekko is already here at Target - a made for Tar-jey line available at more reachable prices than then the über-awesome flagship stores. I've only visited the Beverly Hills branch, and my mind and heart oooooh'd and ahhhhhhh'd at the vibrant, fun prints and colors! So it's fun to have a little of the Finnish loveliness right around the corner. 

And IKEA - Swedish powerhouse of affordable design and delish meatballs, lingonberry and chocolate is arriving 18 May... The day after Syttendi Mai (17 Mai) when Norway wrote its constitution making independent of Sweden, ironically. 

Thusly, as I prep for Scandi koselig and hyggelig... I'm delving deeply in some fun Scandophile books. Nordicana, fika, How to Be Danish, and The Year of Living Danishly. Fika is a Swedish book (focusing on the customs of coffee/tea and sweets breaks with recipes) and Nordicana is a cool pan Scandinavian treasure of history and information about each of the Nations (food, culture, design, etc). 

Anyone else have other recommended Scandi places or related things to do or see in Las Vegas? Or any books that are must reads? 

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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