Lovely Las Vegas: Sew Cool Blue Jean Repair

Thanks, Danke, Frau S!!!
The lovely "Bean" or "B" (as my littles called her in the past when her name was a little to tricky for them), recently made some super fun repairs on the littles' blue jeans from Spain!  Check it out:

There's a zoom in of the hole... Instead of covering with a patch "B" just placed a reminder of fabric underneath the whole and used fabric glue for it to adhere. 

The whole jean view. The hole made whole being ohhhhed and ahhhhed by the little polar bear. 

And the origins of the fabric. Quite a while back, B and her husband crafted this amazing market/kitchen stand. The same colorful striped fabric they found at Wal-Mart made its way to the jeans. Sew cool, right?!?!

Thanks so much B! 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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