Lovely Las Vegas Food: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

My husband loves fried chicken. So he dutifully wanted to make a visit to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken in Downtown Summerlin. 

While he carefully browsed the menu, I was quickly intrigued by and committed to the Chicken de Mayo (a limited time item, probably just during May so I thought I better give it a try one of the last days of the month). 

Inside is super cute - very light and bright. 

Vegas Viking Björn made a mad dash to the hot sauces, trying to figure out the most delicious tasting ones from habanero to honey varieties. Naturally, as a bear, he selected the Wildflower Honey. 

Here is what we ordered: the four piece chicken - it came with French fries which were kinder approved. 

And my chicken de mayo sandwich. That came with coleslaw. 

Both items were quite delicious (I really liked the flavor of the outside of the chicken. My husband enjoyed his dish, but still loves best the fried chicken from a mom & pop shop near where he grew up. It's hard convincing cozy childhood memories and childhood taste buds that another favorite overcome an old favorite. 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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