Lovely Las Vegas: Pill Take Back Day at Arbor View High School

Tomorrow, Saturday, 7 May 2016, from 8 am to noon, there will be a Pill Take Back Day sponsored by the Clark County School District. 

Arbor View High School
7500 Whispering Sands Dr.
Las Vegas, NV  89131

The importance of this event is to help clear cabinets of old, unneeded, and expired medications. This is of benefit for many reasons: to clear space in medicine storage areas so only current therapies and in date medications are present (Safety and better organization!) and also so those old, unneeded medications are disposed of properly so they are not used and abused by someone they are not intended for. Plus, they will be discarded of appropriately so they don't get into our water supply and cause problems that way. 

What a great event and service the Clark County School District is providing! Thank you, CCSD! 



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