Lovely Las Vegas Downtown: Fremont Street and beyond

Enjoying time out and about on Fremont Street has not been something on the radar much since the littles entered my life. However, as we are getting life more settled down a bit, I think we need to start exploring and finding some cool kid friendly locations there. With such a vintage Vegas vibe, quirky & fun elements, good food, a happening atmosphere and up and coming cozy spots, this will be a fun task!

El Cortez star power! 

A lovely, blinged out high heel. 

Fabulous Las Vegas elements abound everywhere. 

Fun and colorful buildings. 

Smart and sassy signage. 

And a great sense of humor. Which is likely based on truth. ; ) 

Photos of Downtown Las Vegas by the Dane of D & D Ranch and Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas. Thanks for the usage of your camera, D! 



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