Lovely Las Vegas Kids: IKEA Restaurant Kids Dining

The first time I visited IKEA was in Oslo, Norway, right before I was to head off on my flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. I was in awe of the giant store, filled with much loveliness, whilst my Norwegian roommate picked up needed student apartment goodies. As it was also the reason I accidentally arrived to the airport late... it hold an additionally special place in my heart because as I was late, my standard economy class college kid seat had been taken and thus, the kind Oslo airport staff upgraded me to first class for my flight to Iceland. Super Wow, no? Mange tusen takk, for sure. 

Driving up to the Las Vegas IKEA campus, is a lovely little drive. Do you agree? 

Mountain views surround the Scandinavian store. 

With one of my little ones with, our first stop (naturally) was to get some Swedish food. 
The Swedish waffler, were snatched up by little hands as we were paying for the plates. And also in route to the little children dinning area. Hehe. Am I the only parent this happens too? 
My children are part animal, I think. Little hungry bears, for sure. 

Here is the Swedish American breakfast. Love the Swedish pancakes (crepe-like!) The jam was strawberry if I recall reading the menu correctly... why not some lingonberry, too? 
That would be a nice addition. 

Here is the Swedish waffle plate, sans the third waffle that was the first thing to begin to be devoured by my little one, as we made our way just yards away to the cute kids eating station. 

A nice Viking roar for the Swedish waffler. 
I remember eating many delicious waffler on visits to Norwegian homes, with whip cream and strawberries. Norwegian (Norsk) waffler, naturally. 

Here is the super cute kids hang out spot at the IKEA restaurant. Love that there is a video playing and some fun games for the children to play with before, after, or during snack / meal time. 

And the view. I really am gaga over the view from this IKEA restaurant dining area. 
Can you tell that I love mountains so much? 

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas 


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