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Lovely Las Vegas Eats: Yun Nan Garden

Thinking of the perfect 4th of July feast, but trying to come up with something a little different from the usual backyard BBQ delights? What about firecracker popcorn chicken and other spicy dishes from Yun Nan Garden? To entice your taste buds, here are our delicious & fiery eats from our family 4th of July dinner at the hot spot:

The restaurant storefront

Some fiery, spicy, yummy firecracker popcorn chicken

Birdseye view of our delish dishes at Yun Nan Garden 

Side dishes 

Hollow heart green veggie


Spicy shrimp dish 

 Spicy pork dish 

While we enjoyed these on the 4th of July, these are a lovely set of dishes to heat up any day of the year. : )

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