I agree with Elvis, "Viva Las Vegas"

Las Vegas is one of my favourite places on Earth.

And it's not what you think. For me, the draw is not the gambling, the sinful activities that certain people associate it with, the long buffet lines, or the nightlife scene.

It's the valley (a beautiful one, with speckles of green trees and salmon coloured roof tops, and casinos glittering in the sunlight), the mountains, the Mojave Desert, the flora and fauna, the expanding cultural opportunities, the smorgasbord of food.

Las Vegas is my home. My birth place.

It is ever changing, enchanting, and surreal at times. It is lovely. It is my Las Vegas. My world.


HoustonWok said…
oh how I love Vegas! I got hitched in Vegas, I won money in Vegas, I even counted down in Vegas. VIVA LAS VEGAS! Thanks for the post's,

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