Swishing in Las Vegas (or Got Shabu Shabu?)

Winter is still upon us. And at least for me, that means my desire for warm, cozy soup lingers on day and night! One of my favourite ways to satisfy my soup cravings is to head to my favourite shabu shabu restaurant, Swish-Shabu shabu, which exemplifies simple perfection to me. Shabu shabu translates as "swish, swish" in Japanese and is basically a form of hot pot. Swish, swish basically resembles the sound that is made during the cooking process.

Guests actually cook there own meal during shabu shabu. Big plates of vegetables (e.g., cabbage, spinach, onions, green onions, carrots, tofu) are offered and those interested in meat can order thinly sliced beef (kobe or prime rib-eye) or seafood to supplement their veggies. There is also a mushroom plate option that consists of shiitake, enoki, shimeiji, oyster, king oyster, woodear, and white mushroom. All orders come with udon noodles (and sometimes thinner shiratake noodles), two sauces for dipping (a soy sauce based on and a ponzu sauce which is more citrus based), and rice.

In front of the guest sits a pot of boiling water that is adjusted as needed by the friendly wait-staff. At your leisure, you can cook the ingredients that lay out before you. You can deep each piece into the sauce of your choice following cooking (which for the thin meat is a quick process!) or you create your own soup, drawing out the ingredients and amount of broth you desire out of the main cooking pot and transfer them into an extra bowl.

If you haven't tried shabu shabu yet, I definitely recommend it! This locale also has sukiyaki (another fun self-cooking method) as well as some yummy appetizers, bento boxes, beverages, and desserts (yeah, mochi!) to supplement the experience.

Happy swishing!

Two of several shabu shabu options in the Valley:

Swish-Shabu Shabu: 7875 W. Sahara Ave.

Shabu-Shabu Paradise: 1716 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 110


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