Chihuly Flowers in Las Vegas (AKA: The Chihuly Touch)

Lovely, dreamy, and whimsical are the glass flowers that adorn the lobby ceiling at the Bellagio. These pictures showcase Fiori di Como, created by the artistry and vision of Dale Chihuly.

The Nevada Cancer Institute also has a masterpiece that graces its lobby - a chandelier that is classic Chihuly.

Enjoy the lovely whimsy!

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Just Plain Joy said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Las Vegas always has the most beautiful and extravagant displays of everything! I always enjoy a trip to Vegas each year :)
Anonymous said…
You really have a talent for photography.
Take some pictures of something warm for me! I'm on the IL/WI border and it -30. Just the thought of Vegas makes me happy!
Cell cell said…
Awesome!! Those lovely glass flowers really caught my eyes. I like it! Oh, by the way, if you have any questions regarding Chinese New Year, just let me know.
Dia said…
I loved these flowers when I took my first LV trip last spring with girlfriends! They were a 'must see' (the others had been there before)
Athlyn Green said…
These are so unique! How lovely.
Wow! Thanks to everyone for the comments. I hadn't realized the Chihuly flowers where such a hit! They are amazing. So colourful, so happy, so unique. It's great to have beautiful whimsy in one's day : ).

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