Palazzo Las Vegas

Here are some recent pictures snapped during a visit to the Palazzo. Overall, I think the shops within the casino are lovely, but the statue at the entrance bothers me every time I see it. As I was expecting an elaborate, antique-looking marble statue, the glowing glass figures are just too modern for my taste (they seem out of place!). Have you seen the statue in question? What do you think?


EatTravelEat said…
The statue is a bit different from your usual statue I agree. I feel it fits in as Palazzo seems to me as more "modern" than the Venetian and more airy with the brighter colors, but at night it then becomes annoying- if it is dark, it needs to glow. And glow sometimes is very annoying!

I notice in your pictures that the Christmas decorations got taken off already. Pretty fast for the hotel! We were there on Christmas and it looked a bit different than what it shows in your photos.
EatTravelEat: Thanks for the comment! True, true the statue does blend better with the Palazzo... it would be totally out of place at the Bellagio or Venetian!

Apparently I need to spend more time there to feel warm towards the statue... your photos of the Palazzo make me went to spend the night there too! Hehe, maybe some day.

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