Fleur de Lys Las Vegas

Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay. A great restaurant for special occasions.

Vegetarian Tasting Menu in pictures.

Lovely and delicious.

Expensive but a great once in a blue moon treat.

There is a Chef's Signature Tasting Menu, too, that includes meat.

Photo credits: Jules, Fleur de Lys

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Anonymous said…
About how much would a meal cost? Once again the frugal side of me is showing.
Great post!
Hey SonyaAnn: Oh! It was one very spendy meal, woman! For the tasting menu: $89!!! Quite crazy, but it was a treat for a special occasion. Now I have the pictures to enjoy because another dinner like that won't be occurring any time in the near future ; ).
Lindsay said…
Pretty pictures, though I have to confess you're more likely to find me at a buffet if I'm in Vegas. I'll spend money on wine, but I usually end up preferring cheaper meat-and-potatoes kind of food, heh.

Class, me, what? ;)
Lindsay: Hehe. I'm with you! I like good deals. Fleur de Lys was solely for a very, very, very special occasion. Even though it was a great experience, I probably won't be back any time too soon.

I'm thinking to write a cheap eats type of post to explore some good deals in Las Vegas. But since it is the month of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd include a little fancy-schmacy stuff.

In the meantime, maybe I'll meet you at a buffet ; ).
EatTravelEat said…
The food looks great, and I like the platings; they were pretty creative! Love the crockery; very artsy.

Great blog here! Love the photos you have; they are all very nice.
Associate Money said…
The meal looks absolutely delicious but not within my family budget.

Maybe when the stock market comes roaring back...
EatTravelEat: Thanks for stopping by! I really like your blog, too. Very cool - lucky guys you are with all the traveling and eating : ).

Associate Money: Hello! Oh, yes, I can understand that. This was a rare occasion.... saved up for it! Normally I'm after good deals if I'm eating out. Thank you for checking out my blog. I'm going to visit yours today : ).
Zhu said…
Hi there and nice to meet you! I´m glad you stumbled upon my blog, Antarctica boy!

Mmm... what is the biggest difference between Las Vegas and Antarctica... let me see... Oh yeah, food isn´t that good on a US base! :-D

Las Vegas is one of these city that makes me wonder. It is often potrayed as a vice city, a city of lights, gambling etc. Yet, people live there, make a life, work normally etc. What does LV look like during the day?

I´m very curious about it, so I´ll keep on reading. Meanwhile, I´m hungry... your fault!
Zhu: Thanks for the comment! Hehe, you know, the food in Antarctica was pretty good... I gained 5 pounds while there... a combination of lots of chocolate bars and delicious vegetarian Indian and Middle Eastern fare I had at the US base. Plus, really delicious banana bread with chocolate chips in it : ).

Las Vegas is gorgeous (at least to me) during the day -- the combination of purplish mountains, greenery, salmon coloured roof-tops and blue sky is very serene to me. I'll try to post more day time Valley scenes in pictures.

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