Vosges Haut-chocolat: Travel, Tranquility, Bliss by Chocolate

Do you desire bliss, peace, and to be transported to a new region of the globe, all with one bite of chocolate? Then Vosges Haut-Chocolat is your culinary mecca. This chocolatier is like edible yoga - it can bring happiness, balance, and calm into one's life, all with an exotic flair.

My husband won major points on our second date when he exposed me to the wonderful world of Vosges. Chocolate treats range from creative truffles (think chocolate fused with ingredients like wasabi, ginger, curry powder, candied violets, chipotle chillies, paprika), to heavenly drinkable chocolates, to chocolate bars (there is even one with bacon in it!).

Currently there are boutiques in Chicago, New York City, and Las Vegas. The Las Vegas one is located inside Caesars' Forum Shops. With a lovely company logo of "peace, love, and chocolate" and a pretty eco- and people-conscious philosophy and practice, this place is deliciously cool.

So go out, enjoy exquisite chocolate and be inspired!


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