Francophile Friday: Pamplemousse Restaurant Las Vegas

Image credit: Jules

Pamplemousse Le Restaurant is a cozy, cottage-like Las Vegas establishment that exudes history and the French countryside while providing excellent cuisine.

There is no menu as the French offerings change daily. One mainstay is the crudite salad provided to all guests. A huge basket filled with freshly cut vegetables will be presented to you, along with vinegrette for dipping, olives, and bread. This on its own is a delightful experience! Does anyone ever finish the wholeoffering of veggies in that enormous basket? I would love to know.

Charming, rustic, and romantic, this is a classy place for someone in the mood for French cuisine or desiring to charm someone with Old World elegance. It is vintage Vegas and the cozy French countryside wrapped up in one little restaurant just off the Strip.

Opened in 1976 by Chef and owner Georges La Forge, the name was from the influence of his good friend Bobby Darin, an actor and musician from the 1950s and 1960s. He thought pamplemousse, which is French for grapefruit, was the most beautiful word in the whole French vernacular. Throughout the decades, Pamplemousse has received rave reviews and continues to be a beautiful little treasure in the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas: Where to Find Fabulous French Food

Location: 400 East Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

Phone: 702.733.2066

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Anonymous said…
Is this expensive? How often do you go out to eat?
Thanks for the vacation!
Dia said…
Oh, Yum!! THis sounds so great! I love olive oil vinagrettes - they serve little plates at several Italian restaurants to pour some oil & vinegar on, & I make my own for home use :) I try to use only coconut & olive oils, plus some butter occ. :)
This makes me want to serve baskets of veggies like that!
Dia: Thanks for the comment... I mean, merci : ). You're homemade dipping oils and salad dressings sound yummy, too. I love homemade ones, they always seem more fresh and pure than even the best store-bought ones.

I haven't use much coconut oil, but it sounds delicious. Do you use it for stirfry dish (more Southeast Asian-inspired) or desserts?

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