Alltop Las Vegas

Alltop. Seriously?! I got in? It's true! Lovely Las Vegas was accepted for inclusion in the Alltop directory. Exciting, right?

Alltop is a hip new search directory offering exposure to many cool sites all in one place. Just pick the category and subcategories you are interested in and you will find blogs galore specializing in your interest.

Lovely Las Vegas is a fledgling, so it's thrilling to be a part of this directory. Check it out for yourself : ).


Anonymous said…
Congratulations!!!! It's nice when your hard work is rewarded. And you definitely deserve it!! Stop by my blog, I'm giving away a gift card and I would love to see you win it. My guess is there will be about 3 entries seeing as no one has found me yet. So your odds are really good. Probably better than playing 21 at the Luxor ;-)
Thanks, Sonya Ann. You are a sweetheart!

I just signed up for the gift card drawing... I'm liking the odds : ).

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