Ichiza Las Vegas in Photos

Posted menu items at above the Ichiza kitchen.

Jalapeno fried rice.


A tuna sushi creation.

Wasabi octopus.

For the scoop on Ichiza Sake House & Restaurant, check out Japanese Las Vegas: Ichiza.

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Anonymous said…
This place looks like so much fun! But I don't think that I would try the Wasabi octopus.
Great pictures, of course!!!!
EatTravelEat said…
Ooo...looks great! Very interesting items. I've never had a jalapeno fried rice or wasabi octopus before!
SonyaAnn -- Ah, but the wasabi octopus rocks... hehe, but I totally understand. I'm a big wasabi fan and it took me awhile to get used to (and craving) the text of the octopus.

EatTravelEat: The jalapeno fried rice is DELISH and I do love the wasabi octopus. Definitely give it a try some time!
Island Style said…
"a mission to expose a more classy, beautiful, and natural side of my lovely city"..now that's classic!
Hey..the sash picture looks yummy..you may know it's a popular dish here? Thanks for stopping by..hope you have a wonderful day-
Island Style: Oh! I'm glad you like my mission statement/welcome. You're the first to comment on it!

Ah, yes, sashimi... I can imagine it to be very popular in Hawai'i... I've only been twice, but those were prior to my exposure to sashimi and sushi... I totally missed out! Need to return : ).

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