Japanese Las Vegas: Ichiza

Nestled along the main Chinatown strip in Las Vegas, is Ichiza, a Japanese Restaurant and Sake House.

Just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, one may feel they have been transported to a restaurant in Japan.

Cozy, yet energetic and full of merry, chattering voices, this place is excellent in terms of atmosphere and in the quality of food.

A traditional menu is available, otherwise, browse the wall for popular dishes. From typical fare like sashimi and sushi to more adventurous dishes like monk fish liver and wasabi octopus to creations that seem more fushion than pure Japanese (think jalapeno fried rice), Ichiza is a feast for the eyes and for the stomach.

So prepare yourself for a culinary adventure and raise your glass of sake or Asahi in cheer. Gambei!
For tantalizing photos of Ichiza's cuisine, check out Ichiza Las Vegas in Pictures.
Address: 4355 Spring Mountain Rd., # 205 Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: 702. 367. 3151

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Michelle Kafka said…
Well I don't know about Japanese food, but I do love Chinese food!
Michelle - If you love Chinese food, you shoudl definitely give Japanese food a try : ). Yummy stuff!

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