Las Vegas Nightlife: Club Renew

A new nightclub is set to grace the Las Vegas Valley very, very soon. Owner Marc Watts has given me a sneak peek at the unique and lovely concept behind his new nightclub, Club Renew.

Per our interview, the essence of the club is completely different from those that have come before it. When I asked Marc to describe his club in five words, without repeating his club's name, he said, "It will change the world." Wow, right?

And from the sound of it, Club Renew really will change the nightclub world. Imagine a night life atmosphere as cool as ever, but with a kind, positive, cozy vibe that radiates throughout. It's even in the works to incorporate some greener elements into its business. Tres sexy, no?

For more intriguing details about Club Renew, including opening week specials and the lovely philosophy behind Marc's creation, here's our interview:

Jules: What is your club's vibe? (e.g., music genre, theme, decor)

Marc: Our overall theme is positivity. I think positivity is something that's really lacking here in the Vegas club scene. For example, most clubs make you wait in ridiculous lines to get in. We won't. Most clubs train their bouncers to be aggressive and intimidating. We teach ours to be friendly and approachable. We want everyone who visits Renew to feel like they're special. Like they own the place. Because we believe that everyone is important. Not just the super rich.

As far as the decor goes, it's very modern. We've been working with one of the best designers in the industry, and I'm very pleased with how it's looking so far. I think our guests will, too. And we will primarily play house, dance and club music, but we might play hip-hop 1-2 nights per week, depending on the feedback we get from our guests.

Jules: Opening date? Location?

Marc: We will open on March 22nd, which is a Sunday. It's a bit of an odd date for a club opening, but you'll see why when we launch our website ( on March 19th. We're keeping the location of the club a secret until we launch the website, as well. So check the site on the 19th if you're curious.

Jules: Are you catering to locales or tourists or everyone?

Marc: Our advertising will target locals. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can't have a successful club in Las Vegas without local support. Having said that, I think Renew is the type of place that could really appeal to everyone. We've got a great philosophy, our service will be second to none, and we will be one of the most affordable nightclubs in Las Vegas. What's not to love about that?

Jules: What makes you different from other clubs in Las Vegas?

Marc: I think it's our philosophy. Again, the whole positivity aspect is huge for us. We really want to create a fun, friendly, and caring environment where you can go, have a drink, do some dancing, and really feel good about yourself. Don't get me wrong, everything about our club is unlike other clubs in Vegas, from the design to our drink specials. But in my mind, our philosophy of positivity overshadows that.

Jules: Will you have any special DJ's mixing for you?

Marc: No comment. :)

Jules: What's the scoop on your opening night? Specials? Entertainment? Stars?

Marc: We're keeping the specifics of our opening night a secret, but I can tell you our opening week drink special. We will be offering $1 bottle service from March 22-28. You'll have to visit the web site on the 19th for all the additional info, but that's our official week long special. We'll also be running different "one-night-only" specials during the week, but again you'll have to check the site on the 19th to see what they are.

Jules: Why did you want to bring a new club to Las Vegas?

Marc: I think Vegas has a great club scene with respect to the number of people who go out on any given night. But I also think the clubs here have become overly pretentious. It's all about throwing around wads of cash on over-priced drinks. I want to create a more positive nightclub experience, with all the bells and whistles, at a fraction of the cost.

Jules: Since Lovely Las Vegas is trying to promote a classy, beautiful, natural, unique, and lovely side of Las Vegas, how do you think your club exemplifies some of those qualities?

Marc: I think inner beauty is something Renew really exemplifies. What we're saying is that no matter who you are, no matter how much money you have, you matter to us. I think it's a beautiful message and one we don't hear often enough. Everyone deserves to feel like they're on top of the world, and that's the opportunity we're providing with Renew.

Jules: I'm trying to promote green living this month (Go Green for March), so if you have incorporated any eco-friendly touches or tried to make your place greener than the typical nightclub, please do tell!

Marc: It's interesting that you bring this up, because I just spoke with a vendor about environmentally friendly plastics. We're still negotiating, but don't be surprised if the cups and straws you get at Renew are completely biodegradable in the next couple of months.

Thanks, Marc, for the scoop on Club Renew. Best wishes with this lovely new Las Vegas nightclub. Can't wait to check it out!


Anonymous said…
OK WOW WOW WOW. I mean really, I think that you have made it. If club owners are giving you an interview, you are really on to something. I'm doing the happy dance for you. Wanna cabbage patch with me?
Sara said…
it sounds like an awesome night club, i can't wait to visit Club Renew

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