Las Vegas Xeriscape

Photo credit: Jules

Xeriscape is a way to foster a more natural landscape in a desert. A grass lawn would drink up tons of water in a desert whereas xeriscape minimizes the need for excessive hydration.

"Xeri" comes from xeros (Greek for dry), while "scape" refers to landscape. Since Las Vegas resides in the Mojave Desert, xeriscape is a wise choice for landscaping homes and gardens.

But xeriscape is not limited to individual homes. There are many lovely public space xeriscape gardens in the Las Vegas Valley. Each is cool in its own right. Here are my three favourites :

1) The Gardens at Springs Preserve. With 8 acres of land dedicated to native and non-native desert landscapes, this is a must-see location! During your walk through the desert garden, plan to make stops for the educational activities and stations along the path. The Gardens are free, but consider buying tickets for the other exhibits at the Springs Preserve.

2) Ethel M Botanical Cactus Gardens. Another free desert garden, this is adjacent to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Lounge in Henderson, Nevada (it's only 15 minutes or so away from the airport). With cacti, succulents, desert trees, and desert shrubs from around the American Southwest and other desert regions in the world it is one unique and beautiful garden.

3) UNLV Arboretum Xeric Garden. Located on the UNLV campus adjacent to the Barrick Museum of Natural History and the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, this garden may only be 1.5 acres, but it, too, has plants from around the world (e..g., Australia, South America, Mexico, the Mediterranean, and North America.) Lovely and serene, this is a great resting spot while visiting the UNLV campus.

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