Las Vegas Dream Day

With Summer approaching, dreams of relaxing days with minimal responsibility are on my mind. Of course, work responsibilities (and obviously money flow) prohibit such fantasies, but if I had no time limitations along with unlimited monetary resources, here would be my dream day on the Las Vegas Strip. What would be the itinerary of your day of luxury and relaxation on the Strip or anywhere else in the Valley or the world for that matter? Please do share!

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Morning: I'd awake at the Four Seasons Hotel and have a leisurely AM complete with room service breakfast. When ready to start the day, I'd over to Mandalay Bay for some serious lounging at the Mandalay Beach, complete with a cabana. Finally - time to catch up on fun reading! Later on, I'd stop by the Shark Reef Aquarium.

Afternoon: For lunch, I'd dine on the patio at Mon Ami Gabi (Paris Las Vegas) savoring those divine french fries while watching the dancing fountains across the way at Bellagio. After a little too much culinary indulgence, off to spa I should go. Qua, the spa at Caesars Palace has been on my wish list for awhile, especially because of the Arctic Room, from which "snow" falls from the sky! First I'd have a session in the sauna and then head to the Arctic Room to cool off. Of course, don't forget a massage!

Evening: Before leaving Caesars I'd be tempted to stop by Vosges Haut-Chocolat at the Forum Shops. Who says you can't have dessert before dinner? As for dinner... hmmm... too, many options! Well, I would want to see the show O at the Bellagio (since I still haven't seen it!), so probably I'd pick from one of the restaurants over there. Recommendations anyone? Or maybe I should head over to the Palazzo or Wynn for more variety. Ah! The night is young, maybe I can have one course of the meal at a different restaurant! Hehe, now that is a great dream!

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Anonymous said…
I think I would just stay in the spa all day! I went to the one at the Bellagio and OMG! I could live there! Great post and a wonderful mental vacation!
Sounds really nice, although if I stayed at the 4 seasons, I am not sure I would actually ever make it out the front door.
Sonya Ann: An all-day spa experience sounds fabulous! How cool -- I've never (yet!) done a full spa day nor a spa day on the Strip! And you were at the Bellagio, none-the-less. See, now who is the rockstar!

Angela in Europe: Hehe, very true, very true. I've never stayed at the Four Seasons, but why leave, right? Especially since at the Las Vegas one, despite being on the Strip you feel transported elsewhere since there are no slot machines, or any casino-esque reminders. Very classy, very elegant and cool.
A.Marie said…
Hello! Stop by my blog; I have something for you there! :)

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