Las Vegas Earth Day

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Earth Day at Red Rock Canyon
Date: Saturday, 25 April
Time: 11 AM - 4 PM
Location: Red Spring Picnic Area in Calico Basin
Host: Friends of Red Rock Canyon, Bureau of Land Management
Sponsor: Summerlin

Earth Day at the Springs Preserve ("What on Earth")
Date: Saturday, 25 April
Time: 10 AM - 4 PM
Location: Las Vegas Springs Preserve
Host: Springs Preserve

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
Happy Earth Day, Every Day!!!


Anonymous said…
That is a beautiful picture of the trees so relaxing and inviting. Are you going to go to one of the events? It looks so warm there. The high here was 55 and raining. I envy you, the beautiful sights and the warm weather. And of course, your abilities to capture such beauty with your camera. Good job once again!
Hey SonyaAnn ~ Isn't the tree and scenary relaxing? I love the view of the mountains from that park. Plus the great shade trees. Well, 55 is an improvement!! I remember just a few months ago it was below freezing : ).
Thanks for visiting my blogs! They are lovely trees in your photo! It's nice to see a different side to Las Vegas!
sunnymama said…
That's a beautiful picture of the tree. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and leaving a comment :)
Anonymous said…
Jules- I have a plan.(Usually when I say this someone gets hurt and someone laughs just an FYI) We can just leave each other wonderful comments and stroke each others ego. I'm liking it!!
And how are you finding so many people to come and visit your blog? Are you just poking around and finding other blogs and leaving comments? Or have I missed something (would me missing something be a surprise)?
Sonya Ann: I'm totally game to the circle of friendly comments : ).
Beautiful sunny photo. You are showing a beautiful side of Vegas.
Frances said…
Hi, Jules@ Lovely Las Vegas, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now that people are stopping by, I guess I will have to find something interesting to write about more often. LOL!

Beautiful pic!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the nod over at Looking forward to a more frugal 2009. You still rock!
Together We Save: Thanks for the lovely comment!

Francis: You already write interesting stuff, so no worries : ). Hehe, anything about saving money is good stuff!

Sonya Ann: Back at you about rockin'!
Frances said…
I agree with you about saving money being interesting!!!

Your pics are so beautiful!! It makes me want to go find something gorgeous to take pics of.
Francis: Thank you so much! You should definitely get out your camera and snap away! It's fun to take photos of beautiful things.

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