Lovely Las Vegas - Queen of ALL Things Awe-Summm?

Thank you Ms. A. Marie (over at My Money Mission) for the lovely award! I feel honoured and delighted. But I'm a little short on words, too, as the awardee is supposed to follow these rules:

*List 7 Things That Make You Awe-Summm!
*Pass It On To 7 Bloggers Who Are Awe-Summm!
*Be Sure To Tag Your Awe-Summm Bloggers To Let Them Know!
*Then Link Back To The Queen That Tagged You

I will really have to ponder the 7 things that make me Awe-Summm, but in the meantime, I want to send out shout out to these 7 lovely bloggers. Check them out!

1) Ms. SonyaAnn at A Mom, Money, and More - she was my first commenter on Lovely Las Vegas, plus she is one fun(ny) lady. You gotta love someone who creates a Chinese dining room or a Mexican dining room based on what is cooking in the kitchen! Fun, right? Another cool thing is that she is a published author (Dissipate)!

2) Shooting in the Pacific - Gorgeous, gorgeous imagery from Hawai'i. I'm transported and way more relaxed everytime I visit.

3) Angela in Europe - For living the dream! I've studied and worked abroad, but never formally packed up everything and moved across the pond. Thanks for sharing your stories and insights!

4) Eat Travel Eat! - For being too cool for words. Everytime I pop over to their site I see new cities and new restaurants they've eaten in. Their reviews are great and the pictures make me salivate! Eat Travel Eat! apparently is a joint venture but I don't know if there are any girls in the bunch, so I hope they don't take offense to this award! My advanced apologies if you do.

5) Judy at Lily-G: The Things I Love - For beautiful images of dream rooms and dream homes. It's the fodder for domestic daydreams.

6) La Mujer Imperfecta at La Chica del Solitario - For a lovely blog all in espanol! Great for practicing your Spanish-reading skills and tantalizing the mind since it is eye-candy with all the beautiful and intriguing images. Que bueno!

7) Francis at Looking Forward to a More Frugal 2009 - For her scoop on shopping deals and getting me inspired to save some money with loading up the grocery cart.

Merci beaucoup to all for your inspirational and beautiful blogs!

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Anonymous said…
I love you and this is #3! I suppose I shouldn't complain we could be passing around a VD!
Sonya Ann: Oh my! Yes, passing around a VD is not good. The Sparking Awesome Queen award is way better : ). Congrats to you!
Island Style said…
Woe..I want to hook up nice! I will check out these other links you were so kind to mention- Aloha-
Thank you so much from Spain. What a lovely surprise!
Anonymous said…
Blush, blush! About the book.
A.Marie said…
Oh My Goodness....such lovely new bloggy friends to visit. I can't wait! I am on my way to visit blog #1, the lovely SonyaAnn, then on to blog #2 Shooting in the Pacific. It is cloudy and rainy here...I need some new scenery! then on to 3,4,5,6,and then over to Francis at #7. Woo-Hoo...What Fun! And, the sparkly crown looks great on your blog, by the way! :)
A.Marie said…
SonyaAnn, as always, your post just cracked me up. The VD comment was just tooooo funny! :)
Dear Island Style, Mujer Imperfecta, Sonya Ann and A. Marie: Thanks for the lovely comments. All of your blogs rock so you totally deserve the award : ).
Frances said…
Thanks for the lovely award, Jules!!! I love how it sparkles. And I have always wanted to be queen.

I, too, am glad we are not passing around VD. THAT would be hard to explain with hubby out of town. LOL!

I plan to check some of your other awardees. Their blogs look interesting!
congrats on your award.

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