Sexy Paris

On a recent trip to to McCarran Airport, I was informed that "everything's sexier in Paris."
Which got me to day dreaming... about the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France. Tres sexy, non? And about the artwork at the Louvre, as there are many beautifully provocative pieces there, & this interesting sculpture at the restaurant La Coupole in Monteparnasse, a sexy spot for food.

Leaving the airport, I was brought back to reality. And realized that since France is miles and miles away, it is quite nice to have a little taste of Paris in my own backyard. And I guess that is pretty sexy, too. So from now until my next trip to Paris, France, at least I can enjoy Paris Las Vegas. Well, that, and the lovely Paris Breakfasts website where artist Carol Gillott "paints Paris dreams". Her blog is one sexy site that you should definitely check out! The style of this post is actually inspired by her photolog of Parisien places (and sweet treats!)

For now, I bid you au revoir. I wanted to carry on this comparison of the real Paris and Paris Las Vegas for much longer ... I have so many more pictures... but for some reason, Blogger will only allow me to upload 5 photos at a time. Maybe more for another time!

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Anonymous said…
Oui, tres sexy! And looks like a cool place to just hang out! And I keep asking myself why the hell do I live in Antioch IL? There is nothing sexy here!! Or fun and interesting. Not fair but thank you for always sharing with me! I live vicariously threw you!
Sonya Ann: Impressive French! Hehe, Antioch sounds pretty cool to me. I love the name, quite beguiling. There is at least one sexy thing there: famous author, you ; ).
Frances said…
I LOVE your blog! I have been to Vegas twice and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! If I were a city, I would want to be Las Vegas!!
Anonymous said…
Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas- OK WOW! Nice compliment and not true but I'm loving it anyways.
And on a side note, hypesit is my word verification. Weird!
Qué bueno. I hope going to Las Vegas some day!
A.Marie said…
What an awesome post blog you have! I am from IL and have never been to Las Vegas. I look at your pics and it sort of transports me there mentally! :)
Mujer imperfecta: Muchas gracias! Espero que algun dia puede ir a Las Vegas.

A.Marie: Thank you for the sweet comment. Hehe, That's pretty cool that the post transported you -- wow, to France and to Paris Las Vegas all at once is pretty neat : ).

Sonya Ann: Interesting word verification. I guess the author needs to be challenged, hehe ; ).
sunnymama said…
Great set of pictures!
Ray said…
Always love your blog posts. Vegas is a great city!
sunnymama: Thank you so much! They were fun pics to take : ).

Ray: Thanks!! Vegas is a great (and sexy, hehe) city.
lily-g said…
Tres sexy indeed! love Paris and was fortunate enough to go there last year, dreaming of going back one day x
lilly-g: Thank you for stopping by! Paris is great : ). Love your site - wonderful images, so much beauty.
You know, it's not at as old, but I bet it's a heck of a lot cleaner!
Anonymous said…
Wow! You are famous! Keep up the good work.
Angela in Europe: Hehe, true, true. The actual Paris Hotel & Casino may be cleaner inside than Paris, France, but outside on the Strip, I think at certain places and times, it can be way dirtier than Parisien streets!

Sonya Ann: You are too sweet : ).
Anonymous said…
I really like the new layout. I've been thinking about messing around with mine but I'm not sure yet.
Keep up the good work!
crochet lady said…
Hi, thanks for your comment on my poetry blog.

Paris seems the ultimate city of Romance. I'm a country gal at heart, but wouldn't pass up a trip to Paris!
Anne Wayman said…
Fun post, good job.

Anne Wayman, now blogging at
Anonymous said…
Cadance said…
my favorite "sexy" place in Las Vegas.....the BOOBS sculpture on the wall inside the Mandalay Bay is right there when you turn near Starbucks and you're heading back to the Shark Reef and convention Center! I love that sculpture...and have seen MANY people take some FUNNY photo-opps there!! I'm a huge BOOB girl!

...and I have many more...but I could go on forever! =)

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