Happy Friday from Lovely Las Vegas

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas (Bali Hai Golf Club)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Anonymous said…
It's so beautiful!
Frances said…
Beautiful! I want to be THERE!
Where is this golf course?
Angela in Europa: This is the Bali Hai Golf Club at the very south end of the Strip (LV Blvd)... it is even south of Four Seasons/Mandalay Bay! But north of the South Coast.

Very cool place - decor, food, etc. - inside the restaurant/lounge area. Hehe, I've never golfed there, but have heard good things about the course.
Anonymous said…
Awesome place, Jules
Chantal said…
Thanks Jules! I think the shows would be fantastic for my girl. Plus, the hiking and nature part too..Never thought of that. Thx for responding. I wonder if you're on twitter or fb? This is crazy responding like this...lol! Although, must admit, love checking out your latest pics. ;P
Chantal: Yes, I am on Twitter - Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas... how about you? I'm not very twitter-ific, though, as I rarely post! (Need to work on that.)
Hi Jules,
What a lovely picture. The water is such a nice color. I long for warmer climes.

You've commented 10 times at Write and Earn a Living and have earned a spot on "Meet My Readers." Let me know if you would like a short bio on the page. I will link to your blog.
Athlyn: Wow, thank you! It would be an honour to write a bio for your page. Love your work at Writing and Earn a Living.

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