Happy Weekend from Lovely Las Vegas

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Happy Weekend and Happy May!
If you haven't yet, and would like some lovely blogs to check out over the weekend, be sure to read about some blogs that are the "Queen of Awe-summm". And please do visit them if they spark your interest.

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Anonymous said…
Have a happy May day. And I signed up for Widget Bucks. I'm just waiting to see if I get approved.
A.Marie said…
Hi there! Boy, have I been having fun visiting all of the blogs that you gave the Awe-summm award to. I can see why you gave them the award! Hope you have a very blessed Sunday!
Anonymous said…
HI! I miss you!
A. Marie: Awesome that you like the Awe-summm sites : ). Happy reading!

Sonya Ann: Sorry for the absence... I've been busy with work... probably will not be blogging as much these next two months. But I will keep check out all my frugal ladies' sites even if I don't always comment : ).

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