Las Vegas May Flowers

Photo credits: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
To see more floral blooms in Las Vegas, check out Spring Dreams: Floral Feast for the Eyes.

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Anonymous said…
I agree with Frances, they are gorgeous. I'm so happy we were finally able to plant flowers. It hopefully won't frost anymore. I'm going to try and post some pictures but they won't be as good as yours!
Jules, your photographs are beautiful! I've haven't been to Vegas yet (someday soon, I hope!). Your photographs make me want to really see the city, the desert landscapes, everything! Thanks for visiting my blog!
France, Sonya Ann and The Cottage Cheese: Thank you all so much for the sweet comments! I'm glad you like the desert photo shots. I thought they were lovely, too. Especially the yellow blooms : ).
Theresa C said…
Thanks so much for sharing the non neon color in Las Vegas
A.Marie said…
Oh Wow!! Gorgeous Pictures!!I just love visiting your blog!! :)
Chantal said…
Hi Jules, thx so much for your post! Love the cactus blooms too... Actually, I just love cactus, palm trees, dry hot weather...u get the drift. lol!

Does Las Vegas have family oriented things to do? We're trying to alternate summer vaca. Last year it was SoCal, this year East Coast but NEXT year...Any tips would be most appreciated and in the meantime, I'm going to follow your blog!
Chantal: Thank you! Your vacation plans past and future sound great!

Las Vegas does have a lot of family-friendly things to do, depending on your interests. Since you said you love cacti, and dry weather, for outdoorsy/nature-inspired things, you can go to Red Rock Canyon (hiking, picnics, little educational museum), Lake Mead/Hoover Dam (lake activities, picnic, history tour), Lake Las Vegas (in the Summer, they even have current popular movies to watch at nighttime by the lake, on the lawn), Springs Preserve (educational-conservation desert garden), Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden (fun to walk around the cactus garden after seeing the factory), Mount Charleston, Valley of Fire.

Also, in the casinos you could spend time at MGM to see the lions, see the volcano erupt at Mirage, the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, etc. Luxor used to have Egyptian-inspired rides and I think it still has the IMAX theatre. Shows like Mystere could be kid-friendly since they are so imaginative and full of beautiful sounds. Captivating, really! There are also great dessert shops in most of the casinos, that would be fun to have a sweet treat at. There's a huge games arcade at Excalibur; Paris and New York New York Nork for more themed settings.

Off the Strip, there are cute shops, and nice relaxing places to eat, browse, walk along The District/Green Valley Ranch. Also, at Red Rock Casino, I always see familys heading to the movie theatre and game arcade there. Plus, it is right by Red Rock Canyon (and closer to Mt. Charleston than being on the Strip) and has all the casino amenities for adults. Chinatown could be cool, too, although it has nothing on NYC or San Francisco or Los Angeles in general.

And definitely there is much more that I can't think of right now!
I love flowers! One of the best things about spring is all the crazy blooming!

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