Mandalay Bay: The Lion King

I was mesmerized by the musical in NYC about 1.5 years ago (never had I seen the cartoon movie version!), so it is exciting that this great show is making its way to Las Vegas.

Preview performances of the Mandalay Bay installations of The Lion King started this month and opening night is set for Friday, 15 May at 7:30 PM. After that, performances will be nightly at 8 pm, except for Friday nights when there will be no performances at all. On Saturdays and Sundays an additional showing will be at 4 pm.

Tickets range from $53 - $168.50 (which includes tax and fees), but sometimes there are special deals where you can get a reduced rate by booking both a hotel room and the show tickets. Call the Mandalay Bay box office for more information: 877.632.7400 or check out the website here.

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Anonymous said…
I've never seen the musical but I've seen the movie 100 times. I wish I was there to see it but the tickets are a little steep for me. Are you going to go?
I love The Lion King so much I would consider seeing it live again. But in reality, I won't since there are so many other shows to see, I figure I should get something new to me a try. Saving up the money, though, will take a little time, so it won't be anytime soon! Maybe now I just finally see the movie, though : ).
Lots of people I know have seen it here and loved it. Unfortunately I never went. I am sure it would be good in any language.
A.Marie said…
I absolutely love, love, love the Lion King. I used to watch it with the kids and sing along with the movie. My kids thought I was nuts! What's new, Huh?! :)

Anyway, I loved reading the post. Because of you, I am learning about stuff that otherwise I wouldn't know about!!

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