California Dreaming from Lovely Las Vegas

Photo credit: Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas (Alhambra, CA marker sort of near Broaster Kitchen)

My husband is from Los Angeles and we haven't been to LA area since the New Year, so nostalgia is setting in. He, especially, is currently reminiscing about good eats and fun times in LaLaLand.
For my man, a key component of a good trip back to his childhood home is a stop at Broaster Kitchen in Montebello. Hehe, I don't like him eating too much fried chicken and I think that if we lived in the area, it might be dangerous. So, I guess that is one good thing about the 5 hour drive!
Does your family have a favourite stop on your roadtrip route or vacations? How about in LA? Or Las Vegas?

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Anonymous said…
I love Ryan's in Mt. Vernon IL. It's about a 5 hour drive from our house. So when we go see my Aunt we stop there. A couple of weeks ago we were talking about just driving there for dinner. We didn't do it thank goodness but deep down I really wanted to.
A.Marie said…
Well, our fav road trip isn't in either or those places you listed (too far from us LOL), but we DO like to drive to Hannibal, Missouri. It is such a quaint town, and it is chock full of things to do!

By the way, you probably already have received this from someone, but I have something for you on my blog! :)
Those sound like lovely roadtrips, ladies!

Sonya Ann: You should make the trip just for dinner (and dessert, hehe) sometime. Maybe when you have a long weekend or something. It would be a cool experience.

A. Marie: Thank you so much. I added the award to my blog and linked it to your site, specifically to that post. It was my first bloggy crush award, so thanks!!!

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