Tears for Fears in Las Vegas

Tears for Fears was my first live concert so nostalgia strikes whenever I catch one of their songs (plus I still get mesmerized by their music). My mind must have been somewhere in the clouds lately because it was only yesterday, when I made a trekk to the District (a lovely shopping promenade adjacent to Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa), that I noticed the billboard advertising their return to the Las Vegas Valley. It is probably too late to get tickets, but if it was possible, I'll totally be rockin' out to their music this Saturday.

Venue: Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa
Playground Amphitheater
2300 Paseo Verde
Henderson NV 89052

Time: 8 pm, Saturday, 18 July


Anonymous said…
Uhhhhhh, I LOVE Tears for Fears. I can't help but turn the radio up when they are on. I love it, the kids not so much.
Glad you are up and running again.
Theresa C said…
"Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without
Come on, I'm talking to you, come on"

We must be near the same age I loved their songs, their lyrics seemed to make so much sense back then. Hoping you score some tickets so that you can rock on again!
A.Marie said…
Oh my goodness....Tears for Fears...that brings back memories! I loved the song, "Everybody wants to rule the world!" :)
Ooooh!!! Fellow Tears for Fears fans.... lovin' it!!!
Anonymous said…

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