Asian Las Vegas: Ay-Chung Cafe

This Ay-Chung Cafe is located on Spring Mountain Road, a few blocks away from the main ChinaTown plaza in Las Vegas... however, the original cafe is actually back in Taiwan.
They have plenty of offerings... but I've only tried the drinks so far. This visit I had the papaya milk drink (right) which is "all-natural" -- no syrups are added and I was told the only ingredients are milk, papaya, and sugar. It was the best papaya drink I've had (rich and creamy but no hint of artifical flavors)! My compadre had the milk green tea with grass jelly bits. It was good, too, but I'm not sure if it had any artificial additions to it.

Here is a pic of one of the soups available at Ay-Chung Cafe (chittling noodle soup). There are many Taiwanese soups, entrees, etc. made at this little cafe. For me, this visit was just a drink run, but hopefully I can return again and test out some of their dishes.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


A.Marie said…
OOohhhhh...Great Pics and that papaya drink looks YUMMY!! I'm thinking that your compadre's drink doesn't sound as appealing, though. What are grass jelly bits?
EatTravelEat said…
Is this a place in the really red and gold plazas nearby the main Chinatown Plaza? To me it looks like it but I have only ventured to one of those places and that is Yunnan Garden.

Food looks great! Love the photos :). Papaya milk also seems to be popular among places that sell drinks in my area.
A. Marie: Thanks so much! The papaya milk drink is delish!! Teh grass jelly drink isn't bad either. Grass jelly is really doesn't have much flavor, at least to my taste buds... it kind of reminds me of a jello that takes up the flavor of whatever liquid you put it in. Maybe it is added for for texture than flavor?

EatTravelEat: The is the SF Supermarket Plaza... it is kind of a small plaza but there are several Malaysian places, Korean places, etc. More of a variety... it is a pretty colourful plaza... It is on Spring Mountain... if you leave the Chinatown Plaza, get back on Spring Mountain, going away from the Strip and then this plaza will be on your left-hand side. The storefronts are much closer to the street than the storefronts in the main Plaza so it is easer to find!

Hope you get a chance to visit there and give a review of the food so I can know what good dishes to try : ).

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