Las Vegas Nature: JW Marriott

Waiting in the JW Marriott's Rampart Buffet queue... [All you can drink champagne and all you can eat crab (in addition to everything else!) are quite worth the wait on a Sunday morning].

But after indulging a bit on seafood and drink and spending a few hours couped up inside the resort, I was ready to get outside...

Luckily, the JW Marriott offers some beautiful outdoor areas... So serene and green!

Urban nature in Las Vegas... a nice (re)treat in the desert, no?

All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas.


Anonymous said…
It all sounds so wonderful. A full belly and then a nice stroll. Thank you for sharing the pictures, next time share the food. ;)
Linda said…
I just love your outdoor pictures, It looks beautiful there. My sister goes to the JW Marriott every once in awhile, and says its real nice! I have never been there my self. Just look at all the things I am missing right here in my own town. Thank for the post.
Chantal said…
Wow. Were you a guest at the hotel or can anyone eat at the buffet from the street and enjoy their gardens? Gorgeous!
Sonya Ann: Hehe. You are funny ; ). If I could figure out a way to share the food over the net, I would!

Linda: You definitely need to join your sister next time!! It is a really nice spot, as you said.

Chantal: The JW Marriott in Las Vegas also has a casino portion, so anyone can come in. I've never been a guest there... there may be a restriction with the gardens, but I've never had a problem entering, so I think it is open for everyone.

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