Persian Las Vegas: Habib's Persian Cuisine

Welcome to Habib's Persian Cuisine. Nestled in the back of the Sahara Pavillion, it may be hard to find. But it is definitely worth the effort. In addition to the restaurant, they have a eclectic store attached with food and unique home good stuff. Very fun to stop by and pick up a few things after your meal.

The freebie appetizers (breads, butter, onion, radish). This time we were on savers mode and didn't add any hummus or other delish-sounding dish to our-pre-dinner dining... but the offerings always looked very nice. Another time we'll splurge!

My grilled chicken. It was quite yummy, along with grilled tomato and rice. My favourite Persian grilled chicken was at Yaz in Kensington area, London... haven't found one exactly like that, but Habib's always satisfies my palette! And it is a great place for Persian food in Las Vegas.

A grilled red-meat entree.

And a lovely atmosphere!!!
Photography credit: all photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
Habib's Persian Cuisine
Sahara Pavillion
4750 W. Sahara, Suite 24
Phone: 702.870.0860


Chantal said…
Forgive me but what is the yellow shavings on top? Anyone know?
Hey Chantal: I'm no expert, but I think it is saffron? Like often in Indian rice. Anyone else agree? Disagree? Please set me straight! The yellow isn't exactly shavings, its moreso incorporated into the rice. Does that help?

All I can say with certainty: It is yummy ; ).
Linda said…
Jules, That look delish. I am going to have to go find that resturant. I haven't been to the Sahara in years. I don't think I've
been inside since they put in the roller coster. I must say I have never had Persian fool before.
Something new to try.
Anonymous said…
Looks wonderful! You always make me want to travel and eat.
Sonya Ann: Thanks lovely lady!! Gotta stop by your blog today... just got home from a long day at work and I need to commentary on life from you : ).

Linda: Persian food is so yummy... very healthy feeling and so delish. Habib's actually is on Sahara Ave, quite a bit away from the casino, in the Pavillion Center, more on the West side. But I totally think it is worth the drive from Henderson!

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