Pretty Palazzo Parasols

Isn't this a serenely surreal scene?... Pretty parasols floating above the atrium at the Palazzo. What a whimsical image for summertime in Las Vegas!

Photo by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda said…
What a cool picture. I don't know why but Mary Poppins comes to mind.
Have a Great Weekend!
Anonymous said…
That is so pretty. It would be cute in a little girls room.
Thank you for always sharing.
Theresa C said…
Very pretty indeed, I have only been there once and don't remember seeing anything like that. Does it change every season like the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio? Thanks for posting
Linda: Definitely... good comparison... it does have a Mary Poppins vibe. I want to see "a spoon full of sugar" right now, hehe ; ).

Sonya Ann: Yeah, that would be great decor for home or office!! Love it!

Theresa C: This was my second or third time, only, to the Palazzo. I think the last time was wintertime and I remember nothing hanging from the ceiling, but recall a huge pine cone decorating the little water pool downstairs. I have to watch out for the Fall season and see if there are any changes!
Oliveaux said…
A fabulous picture. Enjoy your weekend! Ax

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