Frugal Friday: In-n-Out Burger

Possibly more expensive than other "fast food" places (I don't know because I only have eyes for In-n-Out!), but still a great deal... especially considering the freshness and quality of ingredients. Do you agree?

Evidence: exhibit A (french fries and a standard cheeseburger)

Evidence: exhibit B (quick devouring of this California classic)

I was so anti-fast food... and then I met In-n-Out. An import from California, this is a Las Vegas favourite for freshly made french fries and a simple, but unexplainably good hamburger (cheeseburger). The menu may not seem to offer enough, but trust me, this place is so good at their grub, that those few options really are just right. However, for those craving a little something different from the standard In-n-Out fare, there is a secret menu... So give it a try and ask for the protein wrap (hamburger sans bun... and wrapped/held together with two leaves of lettuce) ... or the animal fries (an interesting, indulgent form of fries).
All photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantal said…
That burger looks so fresh! I wanted to try this place when we were in So-Cal last year. Damn, I wish we made more of an effort! Bon appetit...
EatTravelEat said…
Love In-n-Out for fast food. Haven't had it for a long time although it is pretty much less than 5 minutes drive for me to get there
Theresa C said…
We have never ate @ In-n-Out although my brother who used to work In California insist every trip that we must try it. There is so much great food in Vegas and such little time. Maybe we will give it a try this year.... BTW we don't have them on the east coast. Thanks for posting the pics.
Anonymous said…
That looks so good. I want to move to Las Vegas for 3 reasons, the weather, the food, and you.
Sam said…
Yep, it looks so tasty and fresh and mouth-watering. But the problem is with fast food is that they mix products that never meant to be mixed, fries and meat for example. Any way I didn’t mean to spoil your enjoyment. Bon app├ętit!

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