Las Vegas Wish List: Maryland Parkway

One weekend ago, I was driving by UNLV along Maryland Parkway and noticed this cute little shop! Inside was a nice little treasure trove of comics (hehe, obviously). I was really excited to find Persepolis, a Iranian comic based on the other's perspections of growing up in Iran. I've wanted to read it for a while. I didn't buy it this time... but maybe I can make some hints to my love and get it as a surprise sometime, hehe ; ).

Isn't it cute? I want to return!!
And when I return, I want to test out this youthful Japanese restaurant - Yoshinoya. I've heard good reviews about it (a more fast food atmosphere than fancy schmacy place), and believe it is an import from Japan. What great finds!

Photo credits: All photographs by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Anonymous said…
Sounds wonderful!

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