Fall at the Bellagio

As per the request of Theresa C, here are some shots from the Bellagio's Fall Theme at the Conservatory/Atrium. Unfortunately, they are a bit blurry, so I hope you can feel the festive vibe despite the poor quality. I wish I could have spent more time enjoying the beautiful Fall weather here in Las Vegas this weekend, but domestic drama defined my Friday through Sunday! The water heater burst a leak and flooded the garage and part of the house! So it was lots of work and no play for me this weekend. C'est la vie, right?!?

Hope everyone else's weekends were much lovelier : ).

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


A.Marie said…
Hi there! Awesome pictures as usual!! I'm sorry that you had so much "fun" over the weekend...yuck! There is nothing worse than water in the house; ugh!

My weekend was much nicer...if you had been here, you could have hung out with me at teen son's band competition! :)

Hope you have a much nicer week!
Frances said…
Gorgeous pics! Sorry about your water heater.
Chantal said…
Ooh, I'm so sorry to hear about your basement woes. I've been there... twice! At least the "after" part is usually always looking better than the "before". Hang in there!

The fall displays are gorgeous!! Thx for sharing.
Theresa C said…
Thank You! Thank You so much. Wish I could be there to see it but will just have to live vicariously through your blog. I have never understood why Bellagio doesn't post the season changes on their site or have a web cam in that area. So sorry to hear about your troubled weekend. Thanks again for the pics.
Dia said…
Indeed, thanks for sharing the pictures - & hope you're getting all clear on the home front - waterworks indeed!
It's begun raining here in W. Oregon, after a spectacular few weeks of 'October's Bright Blue Weather!'
Thank you all!! You are such sweeties. Work is still in progress to get things in the house and garage back together, but definitely I am hopefully that the end results will be just fine.

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