Coffee & Tea at Urth Cafe, LA

Forewarning: The images are a bit blurry due to my absent-minded nature... totally not roadtrip worthly to forget your camera at home, right? Well that I did, so I had to rely on my trusty but not great quality phone camera. C'est la vie!
So the daydream roadtrip did come true... and a little visit to Urth Cafe in the Beverly Hills area (I believe) of LA was accomplished... See the cool signage? If only Lovely Las Vegas had such hip, local hotspot coffee and tea shops. Can anyone guide me to a cool local one?

Not only was I delighted by Urth's artistic coffees and teas, but by the furniture as well... lovin' the stenciled-out chairs! What do you think?

Here's my delicious Japanese green tea latte... the lovely dove is such a sweet touch... made savouring the tea even more enjoyable.

Here's a cappuccino italiano. Lovely as well, no? Very Urthy, hehe, or earthy, these coffee images are, no?
Thank you Miss C for the lovely experience at Urth Cafe... your recommendation of the Japanese green tea was a perfect cap to the evening!
Images by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantal said…
Wow! I wonder how they do the dove thing? Looks incredibly creamy and delish! Hope you had a great time!
Theresa C said…
They are lovely drinks and I must say that the picture quality isn't that bad for a camera phone. If you find a place local in Vegas please post and I will visit it next trip, 185 days and counting. We have nothing like that around here. Thanks for posting. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Oh, I love it. It makes me want a cuppa right now!
Hello Chantal, Theresa C, and Angela in Europe: Thanks so much for stopping by!!! It's chilly, making such cafes even more cozy than usual ; ). I'm on the search for a cool one in the Las Vegas valley...

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