Urth Caffe, LA

Home this weekend doing major Fall cleaning (somehow I missed the Spring cleaning thing), I'm dreaming of a roadtrip. My lovely sister-in-law brought to my attention a cool, organic cafe in LA called Urth Caffe... in addition to a cozy atmosphere it offers only ethical and organic coffees and teas... awesome, right? It's definitely on my wishlist of things to do the next time I'm in the City of Angels. Has anyone visited Urth Caffe? Or do you have another favourite coffee/tea shop? Please do share!

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Theresa C said…
Have never been to LA but its on my wish list of places to visit before I kick the bucket. My area of the world is not into organic living like a lot of other places likely because of our pollution #'s but that's another story. The best place to get a flavored coffee in my town is at a local gas station. I have tried other places but none taste as good to me. I did have a wonderful coffee once in Vegas in the forum shops, paid over $7 a few years ago and about choked when the gentleman said and that will be ...... Needless to say I didn't waste a drop.
That's really funnny, Theresa. I've seen some of the coffee shops/dessert places in the Forum Shops... and they do look nice! I haven't tried any because of what you experienced... sticker shock... but when you are on vacation, you have to live it up ; ). I have splurged on sweet stuff at many of the hotels, though, hehe.

Coffee at gas stations can be good... great stuff for road trips!
Chantal said…
I haven't been to any coffee shops while visiting the States.. but if you're ever in Montreal, the choices are endless! My favourite would have to be Toi et Moi Café on Laurier street. Don't expect Starbucks-type coffee here, they blend and roast their own. There is also Java U that I love, they several locations in and around downtown Mtl. And of course, there are lovely little hole-in-the-walls in Little Italy. If anyone is ever in Mtl, go and try them out! Java U also has a great selection of panini's and salads for lunchtime crowds at great affordable prices!
Hey Chantal ~ Thanks for the comment! Ohhh... it sounds like you have some lovely choices for coffee in Montreal... I am definitely not a big Starbucks fan... I prefer quirky, quaint independent places and it sounds like I could make a trip to your city solely to try out all the cool java spots... hehe, although, I there is plenty else on my wishlist to see in Quebec.
I love, love, love tea. There is a great chain here (very small) called Mariage Frères and I just love all of their teas. The best is Bolero, but all of them are excellent.
Angela in Europe: Ooooh! Your tea spot sounds lovely... hehe, but then again everything abroad sounds much more quaint and enjoyable for some reason... I will have to seek out some Bolero the next time I'm in Paris : ). Thanks for the scoop!

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