City Center Las Vegas

With my first glimpse of City Center in person, I have but one thought: have the Jetson's come to Las Vegas?
There are many modern elements, angles, and shapes.

A beautiful waterfall is gracefully featured as well.

Rows and rows of building floors... is this the most spacious project in Las Vegas?

Overall, the architecture and idea was quite impressive... but things seem to be still in progress... lots of unused space, at least at the moment. I'll have to come back for a more thorough view.

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Chantal said…
Wow! Now that is impressive. Is that a hotel complex? I'd love to visit there.. It's 3 days before xmas and I wish you and yours a very happy & healthy holiday season! Thanks for a great Jules year in Vegas and sharing it all with us!
Theresa C said…
How beautiful, I can hardly wait. Maybe by my scheduled May vacation things will be more complete. Thanks for posting it really does look lovely and a Very Happy Holiday to you and yours.
A.Marie said…
Hello! I hope you had a very Blessed Christmas and that your New Years Eve was a little less exciting than SonyaAnn's! :)
EatTravelEat said…
Happy New Year! CityCenter is sure a large and beautiful project. Hope to visit it soon- don't know when now that winter vacation is over!
SonyaAnn said…
I really hope that Den and I can find the money to go to Vegas! You make me want to explore. Please just tell me that it is warm. It's about -10 here! Yuck!

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