Las Vegas Holiday Decor - MGM, Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons

MGM Grand entry way decked with sparkling Christmas trees and festive poinsettas.
A Christmas tree near the fusion point of Mandalay Bay and the Four Seasons

A whimsical holiday display at the Four Seasons.
Happy December and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!
All images by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Linda said…
Love your pictures. I don't make it to the strip at all during this time of year.
Theresa C said…
How beautiful! I have never been to Vegas during Christmas (I don't like flying in planes that require deicing). I imagine with all of those high ceilings that the Christmas displays are enormous and something to be seen. Thanks so much for posting these pics and a very Happy Holiday to you too.
EatTravelEat said…
Wow, quite nice this year! Don't remember seeing MGM looking that colorful during the holiday seasons.

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