MGM Fiamma

Fiamma's at the MGM Grand is another of the Las Vegas restaurants offering half-off prices lately for locals.

Unfortunately, desserts are not included in this deal (only entrees are).

Despite being at full price, I could not resist these lovely croquettes
(apparently, an Italian version of the beignet?).

With three delicious dipping sauces, could I be faulted for my non-frugal selection of dessert (both cost-wise and calorie-wise)?

Rich and filling, I am glad I had friends along to share these divine desserts.
Wishes for everyone to have a sweet weekend!
Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Theresa C said…
OMG looks delightful, do you have to make reservations? Is this common to have 1/2 price December deals of is this an economy booster. Glad that you are stimulating the economy. Thanks for your many post as I so enjoy your blog.

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