Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Las Vegas Paris Hotel

I accidentally uploaded these images in the opposite order that I desired... hopefully this reverse arrangement won't cause too much confusion. This first (last?) picture is an image of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant (Las Vegas Paris Hotel) dining area as I patiently awaited the waiters to seat me. The process was long, despite many visibly open tables. I was thinking to grab a drink at the bar. One couple actually barged there way to an open window-side table! They weren't pleased with the questionable waiting period.

Luckily, the food and the views were quite worth the wait. But the food will be discussed at another time. Here is a little sampling I found on the way out, while waiting for the elevator to go down to the main casino floor (there was a bit waiting for me in Paris that day!).

The fabulous chefs hard at work... maybe they noticed my camera, that is why they are all looking away from me?

More busy staff creating and delivering the perfect feasts. It looks so clean in there... it must be rated a Health District A Grade... oui?
The lovely little elevator... tres cool Eiffel Tower styling on the glass, non? Oh la la... a day in Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Restaurant was worth the many waits!
Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


AdventureRob said…
Love the photos from the kitchen :-)
SonyaAnn said…
Wow, it is amazing! Was that ice that the Hors D'Oeuvres were on? It looks like you had an amazing time. Do you ever get a discount? What do they do when they see you taking pictures of the food and the restaurant? I bet you get extra good service. Do you tell them that you have a blog about Las Vegas?
AdventureRob: Thank you for the comment!

SonyaAnn: Is wasn't ice, but that would have been tres cool! No discount... I'm small potatoes... so I definitely am as discreet as possible about the photos... and the blog is kind of anonymous ; ).
Oh how cute! I loved your pictures and I am glad it was worth the wait!

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