Vintage Vegas: Le Pamplemousse French Restaurant

There are several great French or French-inspired places to dine in the Las Vegas Valley. However, there is one classic that is constantly near to my family's hearts and tastebuds. That place is the vintage Vegas restaurant Le Pamplemousse, which is just off the Strip on the northside of Sahara Ave.

For the delicious details of this restaurant, you can check out my new Triond article, Le Pamplemousse: Las Vegas French Food. I hope you enjoy... bon appetit!

In the meantime, please do share where your favourite French restaurant is in the Las Vegas Valley or elsewhere in the world. I'd love to have the "inside scoop" from you!


A.Marie said…
My absolute favorite French Restaurant is Le Radis Rouge (in the Big Town). They serve this dish, Coq au vin, that is superb! I'm not a big lover of wine, but when this is prepared with a burgandy, it is heavenly!

Of course, it is a little pricey, so I haven't had the pleasure of dining there in quite a long time.

Maybe for my anniversary next year..... :)

I just love your blog posts. It opens up a whole new world for that I probably would never visit, except through your blog! :)

It is snowing here; we are supposed to get about 6-9"...we are at 3" so far and school is cancelled!! The kids will be happy!

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