Las Vegas Desserts: Capital Grill

The Capital Grill at the Fashion Show on Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip).
Lovely tea pot brewing my green tea.

But here is where it gets really goooood... this cheesecake is lighter than a New York cheesecake, but has all the right flavour. In addition, the top portion had almost a creme brulee vibe, torched flavour... and I definitely wasn't complaining about the generous portion of fruit.

The chocolate hazelnut cake... also quite enjoyable... but, in my humble option, it had nothing on the Capital Grill cheesecake (in presentation and taste).
With that, I hope everyone has a sweet week!
Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


SonyaAnn said…
See you are making me want to cheat on my diet again!!
Lovely pictures.
Have a great week!
EatTravelEat said…
Nice! I pretty much like any cake that I eat in a restaurant. These look certainly delectable. Haven't seen a torched cheesecake before though...

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