Las Vegas Vegan Food: Red Velvet Cafe

Red Velvet Cafe (7875 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89117 - 702.360.1972)

Rich, creamy frosting, amazingly created sans dairy products or any eggs!

More delish vegan-ness in the form of moist, delish red velvet cake...

Red Velvet Cafe review (try #1): When we first arrived to Red Velvet Cafe my husband and I were impressed by the sleek decor, but not so much by the service. No one spoke to us or even acknowledged us for 5 minutes and we were confused whether to grab a table or wait by the bar in order to see the available selections of vegan goodness. No menus were posted anywhere and the display shelves were quite barren, which added to our confusion. When someone finally came to us it was only because my husband nodded to one of the waiters, requesting their attention.
Once our waiter came, he was quite friendly. We ordered one item - the red velvet cake - and were informed that everything created and prepared in this little cafe is vegan, which is quite the rarity in Las Vegas. We were tempted to stay and eat, to absorb the modern, vibrant design of Red Velvet, but instead were swayed by the coziness of home and ordered our cake to go.
As for the cake - amazing... while, my husband continues to be intrigued over how a cake could be made without eggs or any dairy products, both of us cannot deny the indulgently-rich flavour that radiates from this rather large serving. At $5.35, our red velvet vegan cake from Red Velvet Cafe was a wonderful (healthy) weekend treat!
Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas


Anonymous said…
Wow! That looks delicious... and its 100% vegan?!?! Very nice.
I haven' been to the States for 16 years!!! Wanna go back soon, to taste this Las vegas vegan food for instance!
Thank you very much for the nixe words you left on my blog the other dau:)Nice to see that I do not only have norwegian readers!
Oh lovely! I gained a pound or two just reading that!
Patti B said…
I'm so excited to find your blog! We moved here from the East coast a little over a year ago. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I saw a comment you made on Decor 8 and followed you here. Thank you! Patti B
Froken Paris: Hehe, thank you for the return comment. Mange tusen takk! You are wanting to return to the State, while I am dreaming to return to Norge ; ).

Angela in Europe: I agree! But apparently, it is only 150 calories... I don't even know what that is possible, because it tastes heavenly and rich...

Patti B: Very cool! Welcome to the valley and I'm so happy you found Lovely Las Vegas.
Anonymous: My understanding is that everything, at least that was in the glass case that day, was all vegan. But articles I've read said there are vegetarian options, too. Pretty neat, no?

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