Las Vegas Weather: Rain, Rain, Rain

The weekend was marked by a bit more rain... here is some garden art collecting the rain... but, the lion doesn't look too happy... doesn't he know it is desert out here?
Rain in Las Vegas should to be appreciated, no?

A chance to wear my wellies (okay, technically not Wellingtons, but any time to put on my galoshes/rainboots is an exciting time! They are usually very dusty).

A perfect time for soup! This is the Japanese ramen soup at Ichiza. This one has pork belly meat in it (definitely not mine!).

This one is mine - all veggies! The warmth of Ichiza's ramen noodle soup was definitely cozy considering the rainy day that proceeded it. But I found the broth to be heavier and greasier than expected. Is that always the case? This was my first try at ramen and I always imagined ramen noodle soup to be light and refreshing? Anyone?

Please cue me into the scoop on this Japanese art form...

Photos by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

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Linda said…
I can honestly say I have not tried this type of soup, the only Ramen I have had is the cheap Top Ramen you buy at the store. I really don't care for it.

I Hope you are enjoying the weather
I am loving it!
Theresa C said…
soups look delish, we have snow here in Ohio and now below freezing so its expected to be around for a while only good in that is that maybe we won't have the February flu that we get every year. Thanks for posting the pics
Becca said…
Just had to say how much I have been enjoying the rain as well! I went to some antique stores on Friday when it started to rain and had so much fun, as you can read in my latest blog post if you're interested. Love all of your restaurant posts as we don't get out to those places as often as I'd like
Chantal said…
Ooh, it does look greasy. But you know I think they take broth from chicken or beef stock and use it for everything. So... sorry if you're a vegan! Also, the ramen noodles themselves are pretty oily. You should try tonkinoise soup. I think that's thai or vietnamese. It's the clear broth with rice noodles. Very clean and light! And soothing. But again, I think they all have a chicken base stock to start with.

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